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Our first experience was excellent. We got 2 Acme sandwiches. Acme is a a light and airy croissant-like sandwich. I am excited to order again for breakfast or lunch. Really nice addition to Brighton.
Stacie R.
We've tried Sultana's tres leches, baklava, red velvet cake, cheese cake, cookies, signature smoothie and we love all of them! The sweetness is always right on point. (we don't like overly sweet desserts) They use good quality ingredients and you can taste it!
Zhou Winnie L.
I've never been so quickly obsessed with a place! The owner was warm, welcoming and quick to make suggestions, which, as a painfully indecisive person, I love. And the food matched the mood! Acma was *chef's kiss* and the chicken panini was flavorful and delicious. Can't wait to be a regular here
Shannon S.