Not Just A Coffee

Not Just A Coffee


Have you ever felt the need to accompany your cup of coffee with something sweet, freshly baked in the oven?

Sultana’s Café

Well, you are in luck, because this is what will be waiting for you in the newly opened Sultana’s Café. A cozy atmosphere, a high number of sweet bakery goodies and a hot cup of freshly made organic coffee, this is what you will find if you visit us. We wanted to be different from other coffee shops in the city. Offering not just coffee, but also our friendship and a place to feel like home, whenever you want to drink something warm and grab a snack.

It isn’t the first adventure of this family into the restaurant business world. Collectively they have many years of experience in the food business. So you won’t see people that don’t know how to handle a café at Sultana’s Café. Instead, you will see a team of professionals, each of them knowing best what to do to keep customers happy.

The entire business is a family business. The day to day management of the restaurant is done by a daughter and the kitchen delicacies are prepared by a mother and a team of professionals that are eager to share the homemade delicacies with the world.

You will find on the menu that some of the delicacies are from Turkey, for example a delicious bagel like product called acma. In addition, there are pogaca, cakes, cookies, and many other sweet bakery products. So don’t hesitate to stop by and see what will look appealing to you. But, if your stomach is telling you that it is time to eat something substantial, you can put down your hunger with any of the delicious sandwiches or panini’s the café has to offer. Because of this reason, Sultana’s Café may be the best place to visit before going to work. A nice organic cup of coffee and a sandwich may be all you need to start the day.

This café is all about quality, only the best ingredients are used and every product is made with care and professionalism.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
08:00 AM
06:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
08:00 AM
06:00 PM
During the week, the café is opened from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, and if you want to visit the place during the weekend, you can do so from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

if you’re too busy to stop by, feel free to order online. Isn’t that convenient? You can enjoy all these tasty and freshly baked goodies directly in your home, or at your office.


1585 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton MA 02135 Phone: 617-202 5454
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